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El Juicio (The Judgement)


El Juicio (The Judgement)



Limited Edition Digipack. Original LP Cover and Liner Notes.


El Juicio, made in 1974, was Jarrett's swan-song for Atlantic: after this he recorded for Impulse in the US and ECM in Europe, using different groups for the purpose. This, to all intents and purposes, is the American quartet (Jan Garbarek was the saxophonist in the European quartet) and it shows Jarrett still possessed of the high spirits that drove so much of his early music as a leader. Charlie Haden and Paul Motian remain the bassist and drummer in the band, while Dewey Redman plays both alto and tenor here (his rare alto appearance can be heard on "Gypsy Moth"). Redman was a long-time colleague of Ornette Coleman (there is a tune here called "Piece for Ornette") and brings to the trio some of the tangential improvisational spirit so beloved of the revolutionary Texan. Yet it is true to say that Redman's playing rarely has the drive and sense of form enjoyed by Coleman (and Garbarek, for that matter), thereby encouraging Jarrett's increasing leanings towards letting the form take care of itself in the search for inspiration. There are also long stretches where one yearns for Jarrett to play the piano. Not his best, then, but interesting enough to revisit. --Keith Shadwick

El Juicio (The Judgement)